I have no idea how to computer…

Once referred to by Rolling Stone Magazine as “subscriber”, Christian Cuff now attempts his most daring and personal journey yet…a WordPress website.


Below is a quick bio, and to the left are a few links.


Christian Cuff is renowned for live performances that deftly blend light-spirited banter with powerhouse pieces that are at times dark, brooding and aggressive. His music draws its roots in the coastline of Maine and the darker parts of of New York City, and these backgrounds are reflected in the honesty, raw emotion, and quick wit inherent in Cuff’s work. Haunting and evocative, Cuff’s lyrics tell narratives of grace and despair, rendered through moments of biting humor and irony. His music drives and pushes forward, combining entrancing harmonies, eclectic instrumentation and intricate rhythms into complex pieces that buzz with energy and those same songs have carried him to waiting audiences from Los Angeles to Rome.
Joined by Joseph Pierog on the upright bass, Johnny Venom on keys, and electric guitar, and Daniel Boyden on drums, Cuff and his band have come to represent a new genre of folk music.

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